Washing Window

Window Cleaning 



Cleaning beyond and above

​Having clean windows makes any location look brighter, spacious and aesthetically appealing. We at County Cleaners ensure that your windows will be thoroughly cleaned, removing any and all contaminants such as oxidations, hard mineral formation, effects of acid rain smudges caused by paint and sprays, and more. We understand that maintaining a streak free quality window is difficult, but not impossible for us. Our services include but are NOT limited to: 

  • The use of BPA free cleaning supplies to ensure the protection of your family and clients.

  • Remove Grid: Each grid will be carefully removed to allow access to the window and frame.
    The grid will be set aside and then properly returned back to its respective place.

  • Remove Screens: Each screen will be carefully removed to allow access to the window and
    frame. The screen will be set aside and then properly returned back to its
    respective place. 

  • Apply Solution/Pre-soak: A mild detergent cleaning solution will be applied using a
    microfiber scrubber, sponge or soft fabric strip washer to pre-soak the surface allowing
    hardened materials such as dirt, grime, bug marks and bird droppings to loosen.

  • Scrub Glass: A mild cleaning solution will be applied to sponges/absorbent towels to be used on window frames and sills to remove dirt.

  • Squeegee Glass: Windows will be cleaned using professional-grade squeegee. The squeegee
    blade will be carefully wiped after every stroke using cloth, sponge or chamois.