Helping Hands

Emergency & Disaster Cleaning 



Cleaning beyond and above

In the case of unforeseen circumstances it is always a good idea to keep emergency contacts handy. Our professionals at County Cleaners are here to help you with cleaning up damages caused by fires, floods, vandalism, debris and other emergencies. Emergency situations can create dangerous environments. Things like water damage aren't a simple clean, so let our experts here manage all the stress and handle of these situations. Services include but are NOT limited to: 

  • Flood/Water damage cleanup where our team will be able to dry your building out, clean up watermarks, and remove debris

  • Fire cleanup where our professionals here at County Cleaners recognize how dangerous the fumes and debris left by fires can be. Leave it to us to get your business and homes up ad running again

  • Vandalism cleaning where we will scrub, disinfect, and remove any unwanted traces of vandalism