Keeping facilities safe requires an inordinate approach to cleaning and disinfection. We at County Cleaners are here to provide you with just that.

COVID-19 Response

Our Approach

It has never been safer to return to your workspace while working with us!


  • Develop a customized consultation package specific to each customer.

  • Take care of any compliance protocols reinforced by the government.

  • Environmental Regulations.

  • Discuss the various ways to limit the spread of airborne infectious viruses.

Disinfection Program

  • Daily or hourly suggested frequency.

  • Disinfection and cleaning of all surface areas.

  • Proper PPE and EPA approved cleaning products used.

  • Emergency disinfection upon request.

  • Special disinfection procedures if your business reports any positive COVID cases.


  • Keeping NYS disinfection compliance log.

  • Obedient with PPE/Social Distancing protocols.

  • Certified cleaning professionals.

  • EPA approved cleaning solution (see more below).

  • Hand-sanitizing station upon request.

Download our NYS sample compliance log



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